solar earth

the earth ground connection of the exposed conductive parts of electrical equipment helps protect from electric shock by keeping the exposed conductive surface of connected devices close to e

solar installation 5kilo watt

A 5kW Solar Kit requires up to 500 square feet of space. 5kW or 5 kilowatts is 5,000 watts of DC direct current power. This could produce an estimated 350 to 850 kilowatt hours (kWh) of alter

electrical work house

we have done electricity to this house. i am professional in installing electrical appliance, electrical wiring of house . i am in this profession since last 10 year.

solar on grid inveter

X-Hybrid From SolaX. More than just an inverter, the innovative X-Hybrid is an intelligent energy storage management system that stores surplus energy in batteries for later use. The X-Hybrid

solar off grid

solar off grid 2.5 kilowatt 48 volts.Off-the-grid is a system and lifestyle designed to help people function without the support of remote infrastructure, such as an electrical grid. In elec

solar off grid

solar off grid 2.5 kilowatt 48 volts

solar water heater

solar water heater 100 liter and 200 literThese high-quality solar tubes can boil water using only the power of the sun! ... Once inside, the heat of the sunlight is trapped inside the inner


On-Grid Systems are solar pv systems that only generate power when the utility power grid is available. They must connect to the grid to function. They can send excess power generated back to the grid when you are overproducing so you credit it for later use.

                                Off-grid definition: not using public utilities , esp the supply of electricity | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.f off-grid. : not connected to or served by publicly or privately managed utilities (such as electricity, gas, or water) When folks move to an off-grid, rural homestead, they often end up burning a lot of fossil fuels (and spending a lot of money) driving to and from town in an inefficient farm truck.


Monocrystalline solar panels are generally thought of as a premium solar product. The main advantages of moncrystalline panels are higher efficiencies and sleeker aesthetics.

To make solar cells for monocrystalline solar panels, silicon is formed into bars and cut into wafers. These types of panels are called “monocrystalline” to indicate that the silicon used is single-crystal silicon. Because the cell is composed of a single crystal, the electrons that generate a flow of electricity have more room to move. As a result, monocrystalline panels are more efficient than their polycrystalline counterparts.


Polycrystalline solar panels generally have lower efficiencies than monocrystalline options, but their advantage is a lower price point. In addition, polycrystalline solar panels tend to have a blue hue instead of the black hue of monocrystalline panels.

Polycrystalline solar panels are also made from silicon. However, instead of using a single crystal of silicon, manufacturers melt many fragments of silicon together to form the wafers for the panel. Polycrystalline solar panels are also referred to as “multi-crystalline,” or many-crystal silicon. Because there are many crystals in each cell, there is to less freedom for the electrons to move. As a result, polycrystalline solar panels have lower efficiency ratings than monocrystalline panels.

solar Pricing

on grid with subsidy

61,000pre kilowatt

  • structure
  • solar plate
  • solar inveter
  • solar earthing
  • net-metering 
  • subsidy all complete system 
  • 10 kilo-watt special offer

on grid without subsidy

55,000 per kilowatt

  • structure
  • solar plate
  • solar inveter
  • solar earthing
  • net-metring
  • 10 kilo-watt specical offer

off grid system

80,000 per kilowatt

  • structure
  • solar plate
  • off grid inveter
  • solar battery 
  • 4 kilo-watt special offer

Electrical work complete 321 house

 I am professional in installing electrical appliances,electrical wiring of houses and solar panel fitting. I am in this profession since last 10 years . we have complete electrical work acme company. there are 321 house    here. it is in 110 sector mohali landhra.2bhk house.thanks my electrical    team.............

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